Austin Startup Week

It’s hard to believe six years have flown by since the first Austin Startup Week kicked off with their first event at the Tiniest Bar in Texas. And Silicon Hills News, which is on its sixth year in business as the premier technology media startup covering Austin and San Antonio, was there to cover it.


Austin Inno Approved Events: Startup Week Edition

Time to strap on that planning cap. Austin Startup Week kicks off Monday, Oct. 3, and it's best to get a few event registrations locked in before they reach capacity. You can register for free.

With that in mind, we're showing our hand -- the most interesting and/or fun events we have on our radar for Austin Startup Week -- along with our standard Inno-approved lineup of events outside of Startup Week.



Austin Startup Week is a series of events like no other. Aimed at jump-starting Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit, Austin Startup Week features dozens of panel discussions, job fairs, networking events, educational opportunities, and lots of time to learn about new companies, products, and services coming online in the local scene.

That’s a LOT to take in over the course of a single week, which we discovered rather quickly. Still, quite a few things stuck out this year and we’d be remiss if these perks weren’t shared with the world. So with no further ado, here’s the 10 things we loved the most about Austin Startup Week 2015.


13 Top Picks for Austin Startup Week

Are you ready for Austin Startup Week? Five days of fun events for the technology community to learn and celebrate its uniquely Austin culture. There’s definitely something for everyone. Here’s just a few of the top picks on our list for this week. (It’s a busy week in Austin tech since South by Southwest Eco also kicks off on Monday at the Austin Convention Center and InnoTech Austin takes place on Thursday.)

Startup Week Aims To Build Austin’s Entrepreneurial Culture

New Orleans entrepreneur Christine Alexis is looking for funding for her online jewelry startup, and she says Austin might be the right place to find it.

Next week, Alexis will get a first-hand look at Austin’s startup community when she arrives in town for the fifth annual Austin Startup Week, which runs Monday through Friday.

Austin Startup Week is upon us next week (Oct. 5-9), and it's loaded with events -- and free food and drinks. But with more than a dozen things going on everyday, how's a person supposed to sort through it all? Let us do it for you.

We've picked through the calendar for some of the coolest-looking events, with an eye toward mixing our drive for knowledge with our thirst for the party. We could have easily come up with 19 picks. But, alas, we've whittled it down to 9.

Here are the events that we think you won't want to miss.

In addition to a thriving tech scene and legendary love of music, these are the things that drive two of the most innovative and trailblazing cities in the world — London and Austin.

To celebrate British Airways’ new direct route between the two cities, Mashable challenged the UK community to tweet their most groundbreaking ideas for how to improve travel. Five lucky winners were invited to join us in Austin for a whirlwind five-day tour that included fantastic food, great music and an up-close look at Austin’s burgeoning tech scene...

Disrupting Food Access with Food + Tech Meetup at Austin Startup Week

Food + Tech Austin is a Meetup group geared toward local foodies. This year the Meetup hosted an ATX Startup Week event at Techstars called Disrupting Food Access in Austin. The event gave local food entrepreneurs a chance to share what they’re doing in the community and why it is important. Startups like Favor, Stretch Recipes, DemandFood, and Topshelf all explained how their companies are disrupting the normal way food and beverages travel to the consumer.


FBombs, The Startup Week Panel on Failure

In a panel dedicated to failure in starting up a business, the audience seemed to be most focused on one thing—the risks inherent in picking a co-founder. Panelists shared stories about enormous, botched business deals thanks to people they trusted, horrible lawsuits, embezzlement, and then the more common scenarios of just having to work through a challenging decision with a co-founder…or greet an ex-co-founder amicably when you run into him or her...

Mercury Fund director Aziz Gilani says he uses it in board meetings because the premise isn’t who’s right, but who is most persuasive. Ali Syed of Justworks said it helps with pitch competitions. But mostly the 30 or so people who convened to play Werewolf at Techstars Wednesday night had no objective but to bullshit each other, catch each other in lies, and have fun.

Werewolf is the parlor game of choice in the tech world, and while games can last only about a half hour, players can go all night...

There were artists and musicians, comedians and luminaries of the Austin tech scene including Bob Metcalfe—representing gravitas in his suit and tie—Hugh Forrest, Bijoy Goswami, and entrepreneurs Eric Bandholz and Josh Kerr as well as Valerie Cason, ATC’s director of sales and marketing.

They were charged with getting up in front of a crowd in the dark bar to answer the question: “What Were You Thinking?”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said yesterday that introducing new patent reform legislation is high on his agenda when a new body of Congress convenes in 2015.

The U.S. Senate failed to pass any sort of patent reform legislation this year, despite support from small business owners and both political parties. That includes a Senate bill authored by Cornyn that focused specifically on reforming the litigation process involved with patent lawsuits...

60 Places to “Startup” Your Career

Today marked the launch of Austin Startup Week 2014 and what better way to kick it off than with a career fair and live music! Candidates looking to work at one of Austin’s many startups flocked to the Built In Austin Startup Career Fair downtown at Mohawk on Monday afternoon for a stress-free happy hour style meet and greet with many up and coming startups followed by ATC’s Battle of the Bands. This year marked the fourth annual job fair to kick of Austin Startup Week, and it was glorious as ever. The companies at the career fair ranged from brand new startups such as and Are You Watching This?! to household names like Indeed and Sparefoot. To find out more about the startups looking for talent in Austin, check out the following list provided on the Event page...

We asked Mashable readers to tweet their most innovative ideas for creating a better travel experience as part of our British Airways #CurioCity contest, and we were flooded with great submissions. Your ideas ranged from location-based push notifications to mobile-linked biometric passports.

We'd like to congratulate our lucky winners, who will be flying roundtrip from London to Austin this week courtesy of British Airways. Winners join innovators and entrepreneurs from around the globe in Austin for Austin Startup Week...

Everyone knows that Startup Week is one of the most exciting weeks of the year and the five day event celebrating Austin startups, meetups and organizations is grown even bigger and better this year.

It's an extravaganza of local entrepreneurship, a mix of presentations, workshops, discussions, job fairs, parties, and more, bringing Austin's startup and tech enthusiasts together as the cool of autumn sets in.


Austin Startup Week has begun: Here's the schedule

The organizers of Austin Startup Week have scheduled a series of events this week for local entrepreneurs.
The five-day downtown event features a variety of meetings and panel discussions at dozens of locations related to launching and operating businesses. It includes 58 events at 40 venues and 4,000 people registered to attend...

If you’ve been wanting to find out more about Austin’s tech startup community, next week is the time to do it. The third annual Austin Startup Week begins Monday, with daily events that are open to anyone, and in most cases free...


Austin Startup Week Kicks Off

It’s that time of year again to celebrate Austin innovation, entrepreneurs and tech companies.
Austin Startup Week, which began three years ago – the same week as Silicon Hills News, is bigger and better than ever before. And this week features lots of fun and free events. If you haven’t registered already, sign up now so you don’t miss out.

Today’s highlights include Vintage Startup T-shirts – which has already got the Twittersphere buzzing with t-shirts from Ben Dyer, sporting a Peachtree Software Tee, Bob Metcalfe in a classic 3Com Tee and Joshua Baer in Dash and Other Inbox T-shirts. And Fred Schmidt with his Origin Systems T-shirt from 1981. The company, founded by Richard Garriott that started Austin’s gaming industry...


Austin Startup Week : Set phasers to schmooze

The purpose of Austin Startup Week is trifold: to showcase what Austin has to offer start-ups; to schedule panels and discussions pertaining to issues that concern upstart companies; and to schmooze, schmooze, schmooze. The week is filled with helpful tips, peers, and business opportunities, but like most everything in the world of start-ups, it is what you make it. Get your shaking hand ready and your elevator pitch perfected and kickstart your start-up.

We've chosen some of the most promising ASW events for your perusal. The majority of them are free and open to the public. Events do require that you RSVP online, with some filling up fast...

Geeks used to be completely uncool, juxtaposed against people who played in a band who were inherently cool. But now, geeks are just about the coolest, and geeks who play in a band? Wow. Which brings us to the Austin Technology Council’s Battle of the Bands that will kick off Austin Startup Week October 6 at Mohawk...

Jacqueline Hughes seems the antithesis of a typical event coordinator—what Austin Technology Council’s Grover Bynum calls “whistle and clipboard” people. Event coordinators have reputations for being frenetic, type A, wearing frozen, stressed smiles. Hughes, curled up in an easy chair at Techstars Austin, seems relaxed, chill, though she’s in the midst of putting final touches on several major events including her own creation: Austin Startup Week. She’d worked all night until 7 a.m. and was back in the early afternoon to do more...

Just a few tech and blogging conferences coming up

The calendar is filling up quickly over the next month with local technology and blogging conferences.

There are way too many to list here (I’ll have a Digital Savant Micro post up later today pointing you to some places to find lots more), but here are a few upcoming ones that have caught my eye.

Austin Startup Week happens Oct. 6-10 with most events free that week. Here’s the complete schedule. Since 2011, the event has included workshop sessions, panels, mentoring, an epic startup crawl, happy hours and demo days. I’ll be on a PR Over Coffee session with other tech writers that Wednesday...

Whatever hipster hub Portland, Ore., might claim, Austin, Texas, is the original "keep it weird" city. But like Portland, the city's advertising and tech scene is on the rise. No longer considered a second-tier market, Austin is home to acclaimed national agencies like Omnicom's GSD&M and big-name brands such as Dell and Whole Foods.

The city hosts major events like SXSW and SXSW Interactive that bring marketers and talent to the area, and the laid-back, creative atmosphere keeps them there...

Last week was Startup Week in Austin, Texas and as I was sitting, meeting and writing on Congress Street I was reminded of Austin’s special place in the lineup of growing entrepreneurial communities across America.

In addition to being proudly weird, Austin is providing a blueprint for other communities that want to strengthen their local economies by incubating the growth of young high-tech companies. Granted, Austin has some incredible advantages that other cities cannot offer (where else could you follow an incredible farm to table meal and beer pairing with an alt-country show in a venue for fifty people within a half mile of each other — on a Tuesday) but there are lessons that can be learned and actions that can be replicated...

Funded companies, which are performing well, get nice offices and free lunches for their employees, said Mike Dodd, partner with Austin Ventures.

Mass Relevance is one of its portfolio companies performing quite well. And on Wednesday, the company hosted a panel discussion about successfully raising capital for a startup company as part of Austin Startup Week...


Startup Crawl is fall answer to SXSW Interactive

Austin Startup Week is the fall version of South by Southwest Interactive.

For those who are tech junkies, Austin Startup Week provides a much needed break from the incessant music conversation from Oct. 7-11. The week features events such as “Find a Co-founder” and meet-and-greets with startup lawyers. For students, Startup Week festivities provide opportunities to find an internship or a job that offers experience in what is typically a smaller and less structured company. Headlining Austin Startup Week is the Startup Crawl...


Austin Startup Week Aims to Attract Talent, Showcase Community

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Austin entrepreneurs are highlighting the local startup community and encouraging innovators to move to central Texas.

Austin Startup Week runs from Oct. 7-11. Events range from talks to an opportunity for companies to pitch their ideas to a room full of investors. Tech startups can cost from $100,000 to $500,000 to launch, according to Joshua Baer Managing Director of Capital Factory, a tech startup incubator...

About 4,500 people are registered for the week's events. "Startup week is about celebrating the startup community in Austin," Baer said.

It’s Austin Startup Week – when the technology community invites people to visit to see why they should start their business in Central Texas. But is Austin a legitimate tech hub? KUT’s Laura Rice put that question to Joshua Baer – the founder and executive director of the tech startup incubator Capital Factory:

Is Austin a Legitimate Tech Hub?

"I meet people every day and every week who are moving here, that picked up and are moving their whole company here from Silicon Valley or from New York or from somewhere else. But these things don't develop overnight. They don't even develop over the course of one or two years. Really, the lifecycle of a tech company is five to ten years. So to get through a few cycles of that, you're talking 20 to 30 years. That's how long it takes to build up a tech community. Silicon Valley? They've had that going for a long time. Austin? We're still a little earlier in that cycle – but we're in that cycle."

For the second year in a row, Eric Bandholz travelled from Spokane, Washington to attend Austin Startup Week.

“I lived here in 2003 and 2004 and I’ve been waiting for past ten years to get back here,” Bandholz said. His favorite events during Austin Startup Week include epic office hours, the Startup Crawl and a UX Design mentorship meetup. The week long celebration of Austin’s technology entrepreneurs and industry is jammed packed with daily events at various venues around town.

The event kicked off Monday and runs through Friday...


6 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week

1. Austin Startup Week: Kick off the Austin Startup Week with a battle of the bands competition hosted by the Austin Technology Council on Oc. 7. For the rest of the time, discussions dubbed "Co-Founders Wanted" and "Intro to the Austin Startup Scene," among others, offer to keep you in the know and networked up the wazoo. (Austin, Texas, Oct. 7 - 11)...

Todd Medema has never been to Austin, but the Carnegie Mellon University senior says he is considering moving here after graduation to become part of the tech startup scene.

Next week, Medema will get a first-hand look when he flies into town for the third annual Austin Startup Week, which runs Monday through Friday.

“I’ve heard about how Austin has a lot to offer entrepreneurs,” said Medema, who is studying technology, entrepreneurship and design at the Pittsburgh school. “Startup Week seems like a great way to get to know people and look at Austin for the future.”


Austin Startup Week Kicks off on Monday

Austin Startup Week kicks off Monday and runs through Friday and it’s the biggest one yet.

Along with all the festivities celebrating startups, the Captivate Conference kicked off Sunday and South by Southwest Eco begins on Monday. Both have sessions and talks geared to technology startups.

Jacqueline Hughes and Josh Baer created the first Austin Startup Week in 2011 and it has grown steadily every year with new events like the Battle of the Bands and old favorites like the Austin Startup Crawl and Austin Startup Bazaar...

What's the best way to learn how to be an entrepreneur? In the belief that you can't learn to be an entrepreneur without some hands on experience, Bart Bohn and the co-founders of the 3 Day Startup ( program have created a program which teaches college students entrepreneurial skills--not by boring lectures or long projects, but through a weekend project. We caught up with Bart to learn more about the program and its roots in Austin. 3 Day Startup will also be at Austin Startup Week, showcasing its startups and mentors at the Startup Crawl...

Looking for the Best Austin Startup Week Networking Opportunities?

Interested in exploring Austin Startup Week, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t be ashamed – there are more than thirty-five events spread out over five days, a daunting schedule for even the most caffeinated of attendees. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the great networking opportunities Austin Startup Week provides, make sure that the McCombs Entrepreneurship night is the first event on your list...


Episode 68: Austin Startup Week with Josh Baer

This week we have a covert chat with Josh Baer about the third annual Austin Startup Week. Listen to find out what his “God button” is and who his favorite Austin startups are...


Plugged In: Austin Startup Week showcases the startup scene

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Austin’s tech startup scene, the next five days are for you.

Austin Startup Week kicks off Monday, with morning coffees, a career fair, office hours with veteran entrepreneurs, panels, happy hours, and a “startup crawl” where more than 40 Austin companies will open their doors, serve drinks and food and give tours...

Most events are free and open to everyone. Organizers hope to draw developers, marketers, college students, recent graduates and anyone interested in learning more about Austin’s entrepreneurial community.


Austin Startup Week Kicks Off Monday

The second annual Austin Startup Week kicks off on Monday.
The five day event attracts students, professionals and even out of towners from Denver, Spokane, Philadelphia, New York City and even Australia who want to check out Austin’s growing startup community.

Jacqueline Hughes and Joshua Baer organized the first Startup Week last September. It was such a success they are back at again this year. They expect more than 2,000 people to participate in this year’s activities including coffee meetups, a startup career fair, presentations, meetups, parties and a “startup crawl,” showcasing more than a dozen startups in their offices...

We sat down with Austin tech titan Joshua Baer to talk about: ATX Startup Week, Demo Day 2012, We Are Austin Tech, Other Inbox, and the startup and social hub that is Capital Factory. On this milestone 50th episode we couldn’t ask for a better guest. Josh does an amazing job keeping our web community vibrant...


Austin Startup Week :: A Handy Guide

Austin Startup Week is being put together by Jacqueline Hughes and Joshua Baer. You can check out the full lineup and RSVP to the (free) events at Interested in attending Austin Startup Week, but aren’t sure which events you should go to? Here’s a handy guide...


Top 5 Austin Startup Stories of 2011

#1. Austin Startup Week

As far as events to get people talking, networking, moving and shaking in the startup scene this one took the cake. Centered around Capital Factory's demo day, this week long celebration of all things Austin Startup definitely cemented itself as a valuable event. Not to mention it was fun, enjoyable, and made people meet. Like SXSWi without all the insanity and frauds, Startup Week was the best nerd party this town could have hoped for. Founder Jacqueline Hughes has confirmed its coming back in 2012, here's hoping it will live up to the precedent it set last year...

Last week something unique happened in Austin’s startup history: 30 startups and 50 volunteers actively built their companies together with one another.

With all the challenges in the world we face, we need more entrepreneurs working on solutions, not fewer. “Democratize entrepreneurship” is the organizing principle behind Tech Ranch Austin and the Austin Startup Bazaar. Anyone willing to take the first steps to get a business off the ground deserves the ear of someone and the support of the community...

A large community of people shares this idea. A good number of people got on board to work with our startups. Many took their whole day to advise startups, run the event, or engage startups about their business and product. And energized to do so.

I Can Haz Mobile and Gaming Recap – Part of Austin Startup

Last week, September 6-10, Appconomy had the pleasure to participate in ATX Startup Week (that A, for Austin, TX y’all). Championed by Jacqueline Hughes and directly inspired by Boulder Startup Week, a robust programming about the Austin Startup scene and specific industry highlights was built around Capital Factory’s 2011 Demo Day.

Not only were we excited to be a part of Austin Startup Week because we are a startup, but also to help showcase the wonderful startups in town that are in the mobile and gaming scene. That’s why we paired up with the Austin Startup Week crew and hosted the I Can Haz Mobile and Gaming event on Friday, September 9 at our offices...


ICanHazATXStartupWeek? It’s a Wrap!

Last week, September 6-10, was ATX Startup Week (that A, for Austin, TX y’all). Championed by Jacqueline Hughes and directly inspired by Boulder Startup Week, a robust programming schedule was built around Capital Factory’s 2011 Demo Day, with support from a number of anchor sponsors...

Ariane Fisher was standing on a stage at the AT&T Conference Center last Wednesday, telling the story of her business. The audience was listening to her every word, sitting back trying to decide if what she was pitching to them would be worth their time, money and effort. This could conceivably be the biggest moment for her business.

"I was incredibly nervous, before, during and after (the pitch)" she said. "It didn't go away until all five of us were through."

Do you like going to tech events, geeking out with fellow entrepreneurs & investors and getting wasted at the open bar while gorging on complimentary hors d'oeuvres and chatting about the latest IPO rumors? Well of course you do!

So I thought I'd help you out by putting together a kickass list of some of the hottest, sexiest and downright awesomest tech events in the universe coming up this week...


Doing the Austin Startup Crawl

After the action-packed Capital Factory Demo Day, techies hit the hotspots on the Austin Startup Crawl tour to network, nosh on snacks and drink.
More than 700 people RSVP’ed to the event on Facebook and Plancast, said Josh Baer, one of the Austin Startup Week founders.

Bob Metcalfe talks with entrepreneurs
San Antonio-based Rackspace sponsored the event which included shuttle buses taking people from stop to stop. The event was very well organized and a lot of fun...

Dave Michaels with Tech Ranch Austin promotes the Austin Startup Bazaar during Austin Startup Week.

The day-long event Thursday at Austin City Hall downtwon featured speed-mentoring sessions, pitch sessions, city hall tours, company demonstrations and a marketing talk...

Some academics say that there are only a handful of stories, and we just keep telling different versions. Maybe a cynic would see WeSTART Austin, the inaugural event of Austin Startup Week, as an exercise in telling the same story over - an entrepreneur has an idea, decides to pursue it and encounters pitfalls and troubles along the way but ultimately finds satisfaction in what he or she does. But for attendees at the Tiniest Bar in Texas Tuesday night, listening to each of the presenters stories felt unique and worth the time...

Austin-based Infochimps has acquired Capital Factory alum Keepstream.

The acquisition was announced at Capital Factory Demo Day Wednesday, when Infochimps gave its fast pitch at the AT&T Conference Center.

Infochimps is a data mining company focused on collecting information and making it accessible to companies and individuals in sets and APIs (if you didn't get that don't worry, Infochimps is for serious geeks). Keepstream focused on social media curation and making it available for embedding in blogs and other websites. Keepstream will go into read-only mode soon as the company's founders go to work for Infochimps. Any 'Keepstream' that's already made will still be available...


First Austin Startup Week Kicks Off

At WeStart, the first Austin Startup Week kicked off Tuesday evening at the Tiniest Bar in Texas.

The event featured 10 entrepreneurs answering five questions each about their venture. The companies included Jeremy Guillory’s Three Day Startup, Mark Philips’ sports site Are You Watching This, Eric Katerman’s social networking app Forecast , Anslee Connell’s curvy couture clothing designer siteSavannahRed and 5 Guys in Kilts...

One thing that didn't vary at Capital Factory's 2011 summer boot camp was the work schedule.

"It was seven days a week, 16 hours a day," said Mike Fisher, whose Chicago startup, Storymix Media, was one of five companies chosen from a pool of 300 applicants to participate in the camp run by the Austin tech incubator.

For 10 weeks, Fisher and his wife and co-founder, Ariane, spent their days — and many nights — taking part in the annual mentoring program, which was founded by a group of Austin entrepreneurs three years ago...


The Makings of Austin Startup Week

When Jacqueline Hughes told her friends she didn't have much interest in working in a cubicle after graduation, they looked at her as if she was crazy. She didn't find any kindred spirits in the professional world until she started working in a co-working space.

"I started seeing people around me building their own companies," she said. "I thought I might do that instead of looking for a job."

Tuesday marks the launch of the first Austin Startup Week, with five days of new product demos, entrepreneurs pitching their businesses and a "startup crawl," where more than a dozen companies will be serving up drinks and tours.

The idea is to spotlight Austin's emerging tech businesses and the people behind them. Most activities are free and open to all; organizers hope to draw developers, marketers, college students and anyone interested in learning more about Austin's startup scene. Venture capitalists and angel investors are also attending...


Austin Startup Week Kicks Off Tuesday

Scientific American magazine and Wired magazine recently ranked Austin as one of the top 10 major tech cities in terms of "geek friendliness," coming in fourth place behind Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The high ranking is largely due to the per capita number of stores that sell tech gadgets; the availability of free, wireless Internet; how many technology jobs were in the region and the presence of an "active geek community."


Start It Up

Inspired largely by a similar event in Boulder, Colo., Startup Week ( isn't a conference so much as a loose grouping of parties, pitches, networking sessions, and panel discussions. Its dual purpose is to connect good ideas with the money to make them realities and to draw small companies to our fair, if excessively balmy, city...


Top Picks for Austin Startup Week

Austin Startup Week kicks off next Tuesday, Sept. 6 to celebrate entrepreneurialism in the Texas capital. The events surround Capital Factory Demo Day, but include everything from panels, presentations and networking mixers. It's about attracting attention to startups from the public and influential investors. Look for more Austin Startup Week coverage tomorrow and all next week. But for now, check out the top events picks from the Austin Post with notes from Austin Startup Week founder Jacqueline Hughes. There are more events than what's listed below for those interested, check out the Austin Startup Week schedule...


Austin Startup Week is Almost Here

The city’s Emerging Technologies Program has partnered with Austin’s startup community for the first Austin Startup Week.

The goal of the five-day conference is to create an environment that encourages startups, developers, marketers, college students, recent graduates, investors and tech enthusiasts to come check out Austin...