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Austin Startup Week is a series of events like no other. Aimed at jump-starting Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit, Austin Startup Week features dozens of panel discussions, job fairs, networking events, educational opportunities, and lots of time to learn about new companies, products, and services coming online in the local scene.

That’s a LOT to take in over the course of a single week, which we discovered rather quickly. Still, quite a few things stuck out this year and we’d be remiss if these perks weren’t shared with the world. So with no further ado, here’s the 10 things we loved the most about Austin Startup Week 2015.


13 Top Picks for Austin Startup Week

Are you ready for Austin Startup Week? Five days of fun events for the technology community to learn and celebrate its uniquely Austin culture. There’s definitely something for everyone. Here’s just a few of the top picks on our list for this week. (It’s a busy week in Austin tech since South by Southwest Eco also kicks off on Monday at the Austin Convention Center and InnoTech Austin takes place on Thursday.)

Startup Week Aims To Build Austin’s Entrepreneurial Culture

New Orleans entrepreneur Christine Alexis is looking for funding for her online jewelry startup, and she says Austin might be the right place to find it.

Next week, Alexis will get a first-hand look at Austin’s startup community when she arrives in town for the fifth annual Austin Startup Week, which runs Monday through Friday.

Austin Startup Week is upon us next week (Oct. 5-9), and it's loaded with events -- and free food and drinks. But with more than a dozen things going on everyday, how's a person supposed to sort through it all? Let us do it for you.

We've picked through the calendar for some of the coolest-looking events, with an eye toward mixing our drive for knowledge with our thirst for the party. We could have easily come up with 19 picks. But, alas, we've whittled it down to 9.

Here are the events that we think you won't want to miss.

In addition to a thriving tech scene and legendary love of music, these are the things that drive two of the most innovative and trailblazing cities in the world — London and Austin.

To celebrate British Airways’ new direct route between the two cities, Mashable challenged the UK community to tweet their most groundbreaking ideas for how to improve travel. Five lucky winners were invited to join us in Austin for a whirlwind five-day tour that included fantastic food, great music and an up-close look at Austin’s burgeoning tech scene...

Disrupting Food Access with Food + Tech Meetup at Austin Startup Week

Food + Tech Austin is a Meetup group geared toward local foodies. This year the Meetup hosted an ATX Startup Week event at Techstars called Disrupting Food Access in Austin. The event gave local food entrepreneurs a chance to share what they’re doing in the community and why it is important. Startups like Favor, Stretch Recipes, DemandFood, and Topshelf all explained how their companies are disrupting the normal way food and beverages travel to the consumer.


FBombs, The Startup Week Panel on Failure

In a panel dedicated to failure in starting up a business, the audience seemed to be most focused on one thing—the risks inherent in picking a co-founder. Panelists shared stories about enormous, botched business deals thanks to people they trusted, horrible lawsuits, embezzlement, and then the more common scenarios of just having to work through a challenging decision with a co-founder…or greet an ex-co-founder amicably when you run into him or her...

Mercury Fund director Aziz Gilani says he uses it in board meetings because the premise isn’t who’s right, but who is most persuasive. Ali Syed of Justworks said it helps with pitch competitions. But mostly the 30 or so people who convened to play Werewolf at Techstars Wednesday night had no objective but to bullshit each other, catch each other in lies, and have fun.

Werewolf is the parlor game of choice in the tech world, and while games can last only about a half hour, players can go all night...

There were artists and musicians, comedians and luminaries of the Austin tech scene including Bob Metcalfe—representing gravitas in his suit and tie—Hugh Forrest, Bijoy Goswami, and entrepreneurs Eric Bandholz and Josh Kerr as well as Valerie Cason, ATC’s director of sales and marketing.

They were charged with getting up in front of a crowd in the dark bar to answer the question: “What Were You Thinking?”

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